Henri Nurmi

Henri Nurmi brings both extensive red teaming and software engineering experience to the Cobalt Strike team. He was an active contributor to the Cobalt Strike community kit before joining the Cobalt Strike development team. He makes key contributions to the core product in his role as a software engineer and also spends time working on […]

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Raphael Mudge

Raphael Mudge is the founder of Strategic Cyber, LLC and created Cobalt Strike in 2012 to enable threat-representative security tests. As the designer of Cobalt Strike, Raphael created its principle content, including blogs, user manuals, and training videos. Raphael also created Armitage for Metasploit, the Sleep programming language, and the IRC client jIRCii. Previously, Raphael […]

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Jean-François is based in Belgium where he is a senior security researcher at HelpSystems, helping the Cobalt Strike team with developing new features and engaging with the community on a very regular basis. Jean-François is a strong believer in open source and avid contributor to the offensive security community. Next to his work at HelpSystems, […]

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Greg Darwin

Greg Darwin bio picture

Greg Darwin is the software development manager for Cobalt Strike, by Fortra. He is responsible for all R&D activities related to the product. He spent about a year working closely with founder Raphael Mudge after Fortra acquired Cobalt Strike and continues to prioritize the foundational principles of Cobalt Strike: stability and flexibility. Greg writes about […]

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Amy Hogan-Burney

Amy Hogan-Burney is the General Manager and Associate General Counsel for Cybersecurity Policy & Protection (CPP). CPP includes Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit, Cybersecurity Policy and Digital Diplomacy teams, and the Digital Crimes Unit and is a global team of attorneys, security strategists, investigators, engineers, and analysts. CPP is responsible for managing compliance with cybersecurity regulations […]

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