Cobalt Strike is an innovative threat emulation software solution that provides a unique post-exploitation agent and covert channels which help security teams replicate attack tactics and techniques during advanced adversary simulations and red team engagements.

Cobalt Strike first debuted over ten years ago with a tool of the same name to help red teams and other cybersecurity professionals execute targeted attacks and emulate the post-exploitation actions of advanced threat actors. Since then, Cobalt Strike has become a thought leader in the field of cybersecurity testing, regularly interacting with its dedicated user community to help organizations gain insight into their security stance to ultimately build more effective defenses.

Through continued research and development, Cobalt Strike is now the go-to red team platform for many U.S. government, large business, and consulting organizations. Cobalt Strike became part of HelpSystems (now Fortra) in 2020, joining a portfolio of other best-in-class cybersecurity solutions focused on giving organizations a competitive edge against the latest threats.

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