Driving the Roadmap

The roadmaps for all Fortra products are driven by the voices of our customers, and Cobalt Strike is no exception. While the Cobalt Strike research team focus on researching cutting edge techniques, feedback from users on their use cases and what they want to see in the product is critical in shaping our roadmap. There are numerous ways to communicate those requests with the Cobalt Strike team (via Slack, Discord, email, and social media) and we will be adding an official feedback form to the new Cobalt Strike portal, coming later this year.  

Cobalt Strike Presence


Extending Cobalt Strike with the Community Kit

The Cobalt Strike Community Kit is a curated repository of tools written by Cobalt Strike users and is another example of the level of community that sets Cobalt Strike apart from other C2 frameworks. Not only have users written their own tools, but they also continue to submit them to the Community Kit to be shared with other users. Currently, there are over 100 tools in the Community Kit, with more tools added regularly.  

Training Course Development

Cobalt Strike is used to some degree in numerous training courses provided by members of the wider user community. Highlights include the well-regarded Red Team Ops 1 and Red Team Ops 2 courses by ZeroPoint Security, Red Team Operations by SpecterOps, and other courses hosted by Red Siege and Outflank

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