Core Impact Datasheet
Core Impact uses the same techniques as today’s threat actors to efficiently test the security of an IT infrastructure to help minimize risk and protect
Advanced Red Team Bundle Datasheet
Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) are three powerful security solutions that use the same techniques as today’s threat actors in order to safely evaluate
Red Team Bundle Datasheet
Cobalt Strike and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) are two elite red teaming solutions ideal for assessing the security posture of an organization by deploying sophisticated adversary simulations.   Cobalt
Outflank OST Datasheet
OST is a curated set of offensive security tools created by expert red teamers. Ideal for advanced security teams testing even mature and sensitive target
Elite Bundle Datasheet
Fortra Vulnerability Management (formerly Frontline VM™), Core Impact, and Cobalt Strike are three powerful security tools that evaluate the security of their environments in order
Advanced Bundle Datasheet
Core Impact and Cobalt Strike are two powerful tools that help organizations assess the security of their environments. Though they share the same goal of
Cobalt Strike Datasheet
Cobalt Strike is a powerful threat emulation tool that provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels ideal for Adversary Simulations and Red Team exercises, replicating