Cobalt Strike is threat emulation software. Execute targeted attacks against modern enterprises with one of the most powerful network attack kits available to penetration testers. This is not compliance testing.

Cobalt Strike’s system profiler discovers which client-side applications your target uses, with version information.

Beacon is Cobalt Strike’s payload to model an advanced actor. Beacon executes PowerShell scripts, logs keystrokes, takes screenshots, downloads files, and spawns other payloads.

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Beacon’s network indicators are malleable. Load a C2 profile to look like another actor. Use HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS to egress a network. Use named pipes to control Beacons, peer-to-peer, over the SMB protocol.

Use Cobalt Strike to host a web drive-by attack or transform an innocent file into a trojan horse.

Import a message and let Cobalt Strike replace links and text to build a convincing phish for you. Cobalt Strike sends email and tracks who clicks.

Use a Browser Pivot to go around two-factor authentication and access sites as your target.

Connect to a Cobalt Strike team server to share data, communicate in real-time, and control systems compromised during the engagement.

Cobalt Strike’s reports provide a timeline and a list of indicators from red team activity. These reports are made to benefit our peers in security operations. Cobalt Strike exports reports as both PDF and MS Word documents.

Use Cobalt Strike with other Fortra tools to extend the reach of your engagements. Work in tandem with Outflank Security Tooling (OST), a curated set of offensive security tools designed to enhance evasion. Or use pen testing software, Core Impact, for sharing resources and deploying Beacon for session passion and tunneling capabilities.

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In addition to modifying attack kits, further tailor Cobalt Strike’s framework with extensions from the Community Kit, a central repository with both tools and scripts written by users.

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