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Cobalt Strike Introduction and Demo

Cobalt Strike helps organizations conduct advanced adversary simulations and Red Team engagements with ease, allowing your organization to effectively measure your security operations program and incident response capabilities.

This on-demand Cobalt Strike demo includes a guided walkthrough of using Cobalt Strike in a small cyber range. The demo touches on several security topics to help demonstrate some of the key features of the tool. The focus is not on understanding these security topics in detail, but rather to explore Cobalt Strike’s capabilities and how to navigate the tool. The references below provide links to topics mentioned in the video.

If you would like a dive deeper into Cobalt Strike, head over to our training page to learn more.


Interacting With a Beacon

Situational Awareness Using Built In Commands

Situational Awareness Using Execute Assembly

Enumeration of Internal Websites


Privilege Escalation Via Lateral Movement