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Enhance Security and Incident Response Get started with Cobalt Strike by filling out the form below. Cobalt Strike Features About Cobalt Strike Raphael Mudge created Cobalt Strike in 2012 to enable threat-representative security tests. Cobalt Strike was one of the first public red team command and control frameworks. In 2020, Fortra (the new face of […]

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Advanced Red Team Bundle Quote (CTA)

Advanced red teamers can maximize their engagements with this testing bundle that features Core Impact, an automated pen testing solution, Cobalt Strike, a post-exploitation adversary simulation tool, and OST, an expertly curated offensive security toolset highlighting evasive capabilities.   Though security teams can use these tools independently, when combined they can streamline offensive security efforts by […]

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Red Team Bundle Quote (CTA)

Equip your experienced red teamers with this testing bundle that features Cobalt Strike, an adversary simulation tool ideal for post-exploitation efforts, and OST, an expertly developed and assembled set of offensive security tools intended to assist in remaining undetected. Though both solutions are effective independently, OST and Cobalt Strike can empower red teamers even further […]

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Elite Bundle Quote (CTA)

Rapidly mature your vulnerability management program with this full-coverage security bundle. The Elite Bundle features a sophisticated vulnerability management solution, Fortra VM (formerly Frontline VM), a powerful penetration testing tool, Core Impact, an advanced adversary simulation software, Cobalt Strike. Individually, these tools provide unique ways to identify, exploit, and predict the impact of security weaknesses. […]

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Advanced Bundle Quote (CTA)

Security professionals can more easily assess the security of their environments by pairing Core Impact and Cobalt Strike. By evaluating for weaknesses in both the infrastructure and the defensive processes of an organization, these tools provide insights that can help organizations better protect themselves from the consequences of cyber-attacks. While Core Impact and Cobalt Strike are […]

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Core Impact Quote (CTA)

Organizations of any size can conduct advanced penetration tests using Core Impact to effectively exploit security weaknesses before a threat actor does. Core Impact enables security professionals to: Start the Purchase Process Core Impact’s simple tiered pricing model provides the versatility needed to allow organizations to build their security testing program at a reasonable pace […]

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Cobalt Strike Pricing (CTA)

Are you ready to efficiently execute red team engagements? Put organizational defenses to the test with Cobalt Strike. Features include:    Start the Process  New Cobalt Strike licenses cost as low as $3,540*, per user for a one-year license. If you’re interested in more details on cost or how Cobalt Strike can be combined with other […]

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