Security professionals can more easily assess the security of their environments by pairing Core Impact and Cobalt Strike. By evaluating for weaknesses in both the infrastructure and the defensive processes of an organization, these tools provide insights that can help organizations better protect themselves from the consequences of cyber-attacks.

While Core Impact and Cobalt Strike are effective tools individually, they are even more powerful when combined. With this bundle, you can extend the reach of your security testing through features like session passing and tunneling capabilities.

Start the Purchase Process

Core Impact’s simple tiered pricing model provides the versatility needed to allow organizations to build their security testing program at a reasonable pace and price. The Cobalt Strike and Core Impact bundle is available with all three versions of Core Impact: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

When bundled, each tier of Core Impact will come with a license for the complete version of Cobalt Strike. If you’re interested in comparing plans, refer to the pricing page.

Since Core Impact and Cobalt Strike are powerful security tools that use the same techniques as threat actors, we limit the purchase of these products to only responsible buyers. This is determined through a complete vetting of prospective users, which is also required by the U.S. Government to maintain security. To get this process started, simply complete the form.