Equip your experienced red teamers with this testing bundle that features Cobalt Strike, an adversary simulation tool ideal for post-exploitation efforts, and OST, an expertly developed and assembled set of offensive security tools intended to assist in remaining undetected. Though both solutions are effective independently, OST and Cobalt Strike can empower red teamers even further when working in tandem. OST was created with Cobalt Strike’s adaptability in mind, with end-to-end tools which can be used within Cobalt Strike out of the box. 

Pairing Cobalt Strike and OST enables red teamers to: 

  • Stay One Step Ahead: Safely test the effectiveness of security operations and incident response
  • Run Advanced Engagements: Efficiently replicate techniques of a skilled attacker
  • Extend Your Reach: Utilize integrations to run enhanced attack simulations, bypassing defensive measures and detection tools with ease 

Start the Purchase Process 

Since Cobalt Strike and OST are powerful red teaming tools that use the same techniques as threat actors for adversary simulation, we limit the purchase of these products to only responsible buyers. This is determined through a complete vetting of prospective users, which is also required by various government entities to maintain security. To get this process started, simply complete the form. 

What’s Included in the Red Team Bundle?

  • Post-Exploitation – Emulate a long-term embedded attacker in a compromised environment.
  • Covert Communication – Use Beacon’s malleable network indicators to load a C2 profile to look like different malware or blend in with normal traffic.
  • Flexible Framework – Tailor Cobalt Strike by modifying built-in scripts, writing your own, or utilizing an extension from the user-driven Community Kit.

  • Evolving Tool Set – Keep up to date with ongoing updates incorporating new offensive techniques and procedures.
  • Antivirus and EDR Evasion – Stay under the radar with tools focused on helping bypass defensive measures and detection.
  • Multi-Phase Approach – Get coverage for every step of the attacker kill chain, from initial breach to final exfiltration.

Why Pair Cobalt Strike and OST?

With these tools, you’ll be able to test your defensive processes in order to close dangerous security gaps and better protect critical assets.

Put organizational defenses to the test using the same tactics and techniques as today’s advanced adversaries.

Build an advanced offensive security portfolio for experienced red teamers targeting challenging environments.  

Extend the reach of the go-to red teaming solution with evasive tooling developed and maintained by experts.