Are you ready to efficiently execute red team engagements? Put organizational defenses to the test with Cobalt Strike.

Features include:   

  • Beacon –Perform numerous post-exploitations with Cobalt Strike’s signature payload 
  • Flexibility– Tailor Cobalt Strike to meet your needs with a malleable Command and Control framework and adaptable scripts  
  • Community – Become part of the active user community, whose voices contribute to the roadmap and expand Cobalt Strike with their own tools  
  • Reporting – Provide thorough details including a complete timeline and list of indicators to share insights after an engagement  
  • Interoperability – Extend the reach of Cobalt Strike with other tools like Outflank Security Tooling, Core Impact, and more. 

Start the Process 

New Cobalt Strike licenses cost as low as $3,540*, per user for a one-year license. If you’re interested in more details on cost or how Cobalt Strike can be combined with other offensive solutions at a discounted rate, check out the full pricing page

Since Cobalt Strike is a powerful security tool that uses the same techniques as threat actors, we limit the purchase of this product to only responsible buyers. This is determined through a complete vetting of prospective users, which is also required by the U.S. Government to maintain security. To get this process started, simply complete the form. 

If you are looking to renew your existing license or have additional questions, please email [email protected]. 

 *bundle pricing