Core Impact is a centralized penetration testing tool that allows organizations to easily conduct advanced, multi-phased penetration tests that use the same strategies as threat actors.

Core Impact enables proactive security efforts by providing a controlled environment to uncover and exploit security weaknesses. It allows you to accurately assess your environment with tests that can gather information, penetrate and attack, escalate permissions, interoperate with Cobalt Strike, and more. Security teams can efficiently minimize risk with actionable reporting and options to re-test for remediation validation.

See Core Impact in action with this on-demand demo, which provides a detailed overview of the solution, highlighting features like:

  • Automated Rapid Pen Tests (RPTs) for automating routine tasks
  • Testing options for multiple vectors, including network, client-side, and web applications
  • Commercial-grade exploit library developed and tested by experts
  • Vulnerability validation tests for integrated vulnerability scanners
  • Automated reporting for standardization and simplified remediation planning
  • Tests and reports suited for compliance audits for regulations and industry standards like PCI-DSS, CMMC, and NIST

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