There are several research projects to collect raw data from red team activity, process this data, and try to turn it into information. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to instrument a Cobalt Strike team server and generate a real-time feed of engagement activity.

Aggressor Script is the scripting engine in Cobalt Strike 3.0 and later. Aggressor Script uses the on keyword to hook different events generated by Cobalt Strike. The * event is a special event baked into Aggressor Script. The * event fires for every Cobalt Strike event.

Here’s a simple script to hook the * event and write its arguments to the events.txt file:

on * {
$handle = openf(">>events.txt");
println($handle, "[EVENT] $1");
foreach $index => $argument (subarray(@_, 1)) {
println($handle, "[Argument $index $+ ] $argument");

The first parameter to the * event is the event name. Each parameter after that are the fired event’s original parameters.

To load this script: save the example in events.cna. Go to View -> Script Console in Cobalt Strike. Type load /path/to/events.cna. The script is now loaded.

As new events come in, this script will append them to the events.txt file. What gets fired as a Cobalt Strike event? Everything! Input to a Beacon, by any user, is an event. Output to a Beacon is an event. New content hosted on Cobalt Strike’s web server is an event. You get the idea.

Feel free to modify this script to feed your local data collection monster.