I have a philosophy. Armitage should make common actions simple and efficient. As soon as you need to break away into an uncommon action, use a console. Because the console is so important in Armitage’s use, I put a lot of effort into making Armitage a solid interface to use the Metasploit Framework console through. There’s a lot of shortcuts and other valuable tools in the Armitage console. I don’t think many folks are aware of these, so I’d like to take you through a few of them now.

To open a Metasploit Framework console tab in Armitage, go to View -> Console. You may open as many console tabs as you like.

To search for text use Ctrl+F. This shortcut will show a search box at the top of your console tab. Type something and press enter. The results will stand out in your console tab.


The Armitage console tab has the same tab completion you’d enjoy in the msfconsole program.

Armitage’s console tab keeps a command history. Use the up arrow to go back and the down arrow to go to the next command in the history.

To put a console tab in its own window, press Ctrl+W.

To close a tab, press Ctrl+D.

You may rename a console tab to. Right-click on the X in the tab and select rename. This is a great way to keep track of tabs dedicated to a special purpose.

To interact with a session you could type sessions in a console tab or just press Ctrl+I. This shortcut will open a dialog where you may choose a session to interact with.

To clear the edit box in a console tab, press Escape.

To increase the font size in a console, use Ctrl+Plus. To decrease the font size use Ctrl+MinusCtrl+Backspace resets the font to the default. This feature is wonderful for demonstrations.

Armitage logs each console tab. Go to View -> Reporting -> Activity Logs to open the logs folder.