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TWiET #72 – A Firewall Admin’s Worst Nightmare

And, last week, I was on This Week in Enterprise Tech, a second time, to pre-record episode 72, their Christmas special. This time, we went through covert communication and how a low and slow attacker would keep and use a beachhead in a compromised network.

But first, a story:

I usually go on the show with two laptops. One for screensharing and another for Skype video. I wasn’t able to do so this time and we had to get creative. This led to some troubleshooting during the live recording of the episode. The folks on the chatroom were very gracious and good spirited as we worked through these things. The in-between time of the episode allowed for some fun banter, so it wasn’t all bad. I watched the episode in its edited form and I’m pleasantly surprised. I think it came out really well.

Here’s the episode:

In the video, I use Cobalt Strike’s Beacon to demonstrate this beachhead. To dig more into Beacon, here are the blog posts on this topic:

Once again, I hope you enjoy the trip down into the offensive rabbit hole.