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Cobalt Strike infrastructure changes

We will be making some changes to the Cobalt Strike infrastructure in late November/early December. We are not anticipating any downtime but we wanted to make you aware of what is changing and when.

TLS certificate updates

The current TLS certificates for and both expire on 6th December. The certificates will be updated on Monday November 29th. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to download the latest update program before that date.
The update program pins the TLS certificates for both and and checks them during the update process. If the certificates do not match the ones that the update application is expecting then you will see a warning message about the server being untrusted.
The latest version of the update application (20210804) shipped with Cobalt Strike 4.4 in August and has been available for download since then. Simply download and extract the distribution package for your platform to get the latest update application.

We will be moving the download pages for Cobalt Strike away from to on Thursday December 2nd. This is a logistical change and the current link will automatically redirect to so you shouldn’t notice any difference. There is a small chance that any scripts to automate updates that you may have may run into issues due to the URI change, and if that’s the case then we apologize for the inconvenience.

TL;DR: Download the latest update package to avoid any update issues