Update Cobalt Strike

To fully benefit from Cobalt Strike's features, you must use your license key to update to the licensed product. The trial package includes the update program to do this.

This program accepts a license key and grabs the latest Cobalt Strike version for you. The licensed Cobalt Strike software includes the product's evasion features and removes the intentional "tells" present in the trial package.


  1. Navigate to the Cobalt Strike folder
  2. Double-click update.bat


  1. Type the following:
    cd /path/to/cobaltstrike


  1. Navigate to the Cobalt Strike folder
  2. Double-click Update Cobalt Strike.command

Make sure you update both your team server and client software with your license key. Cobalt Strike is generally licensed on a per user basis. The team server does not require a separate license.

How to reset your license key

Cobalt Strike's update program only asks for your key once. Afterwards, it remembers your key. If you need to change keys, simply delete the .cobaltstrike.license file stored in your home directory. Run the update program again and Cobalt Strike will ask you for your new key.