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Strategic Cyber Heads to Vegas

Once each year, the security industry collectively takes a vacation in Las Vegas, NV. I didn’t start going to conferences until a few years ago, but this yearly pilgrimage has grown on me. I greatly enjoy putting faces to names, seeing old friends, and making new ones. I always learn something too.

During the week, here’s where I plan to be:

Tuesday, I’m spending the day between the Veris Group‘s Adaptive Penetration Testing and Adaptive Red Team Tactics courses at BlackHat USA. David McGuire and Jason Frank are the lead instructors of these courses. They’re both awesome guys and I’m a supporter of their courses. I appreciate their mission to help our industry think about the complete attack process… not just exploitation.

Wednesday and Thursday I’m at BlackHat USA.

On Thursday at 10am, I’m demoing “Armitage – A Scriptable Red Team Collaboration Tool” in Station 2 of the BlackHat Arsenal. This demo will emphasize Cortana and its ability to integrate third-party tools into Armitage. This is my third year in the arsenal and I am eternally grateful to Nabil of ToolsWatch for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate Armitage at BlackHat again.

Raffi and Nabil… sitting in a tree… K I…

If crowding around a kiosk is not your thing, on Thursday, at 2:50pm, I will give a BlackHat Arsenal Turbo Presentation on the same topic. I don’t know the location of the Turbo presentations, so do check the schedule once you’re there.

Friday through Sunday, I will be in the DEF CON vendor area giving demonstrations and answering questions about Cobalt Strike. As usual, I like give aways. I have new batches of Armitage and Cobalt Strike stickers.

I am also giving away the latest cut of the Cobalt Strike Pen Test Lab DVD. This DVD is a self-contained course on executing targeted attacks as an external actor. It has virtual machines, self-guided labs, and a mapping to my online course. The best way to get it is to come see me and say hi at a conference. So, please stop by. I plan to bring a lot of DVDs with me, but if previous conferences are a good indicator, I will give all of them away–so do stop by before I run out of DVDs. I’ll keep a few with me too, so you may snag one if you run into me casually.

See you in Vegas.