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Red Team Post Exploitation Videos

Each year, I play on a volunteer red team at several cyber defense exercise/competition events. Here’s a small collection of videos from this year and last year demonstrating the fun we have as a red team. One of the things that differentiates these events from a penetration test–we can do whatever we want (within reason).

Enjoy a little red team fun.

ISTS 2012: Team 12 TV

These videos are from the RIT Information Security Talent Search event. Here, we have access to a student’s system. We’re projecting his desktop onto the projector. At the same time, we’re logging his keystrokes and using proxychains to connect to his mail server via a pivot into his local system. We use his mail server to send friendly messages to him, some of which contain his password.

In case the screen is hard to read in the cell phone video, here’s the screen recording of these events:

PRCCDC 2012: A little VNC + key logging fun

This video is from the Pacific Rim CCDC regional event. It’s just a little harmless fun with VNC and a keystroke logger.

NECCDC 2011: Red Team Update

This video is the 2011 Red Team Update from NECCDC. This is a compilation of screenshots and other great moments from the 2011 event.