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Armitage and Cobalt Strike Workshop at HackMiami – Student README

Are you attending the Armitage and Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab at HackMiami Conference this weekend? Make sure you read this post:

This coming weekend, I am teaching a free 4 hour workshop at the HackMiami Conference in beautiful Miami, FL. I’m told the venue can hold quite a large number of folks and I’m planning to bring enough materials for 100 attendees. Unlike other runs of this workshop, there is no pre-registration and no attendee list I can blast this message too. No problem with me, but there is some information you should know about before you show up.

This workshop has a significant lab component. To participate in the labs, you must bring a computer that meets the following requirements:

  1. 2GB of RAM or greater
  2. 12GB of free disk space
  3. The ability to run VMWare Virtual Machines (one of VMWare Player, VMWare Workstation, or VMWare Fusion should be installed)

If you bring a system that meets those requirements, I will bring everything else. I will provide you with a DVD containing three virtual machines and a lab sheet. If your modern computer doesn’t have a DVD player, don’t sweat it. I will bring a USB DVD drive with me. You’ll have a chance to copy the needed files to your disk during the setup phase of the workshop. I left my USB DVD drive at another conference, but I promise to buy another one before Friday. 🙂

During the workshop, I expect that you will use the environment I provide. This means you do not need to worry about setting up Kali Linux or finding that old copy of Windows XP underneath the couch. I have you covered. If you want a preview of the workshop, here’s a video walk-through of the environment I will provide:

During the workshop, we will work through a slightly abridged version of the above labs (but you’ll have all of them, in case you want to play around later).

If you’d like to come to the workshop, it’s at this weekend’s HackMiami Conference. Attendance to the conference is $125. There is no other fee to attend this workshop. Also, since this is open to all attendees of HackMiami, my workshop is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The workshop starts at 5pm on Saturday in Track 1.